K925 Pet Daycare & K925 Petography
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Bio: "Quality Pet Care When You Can't Be There." Is your small or meduim sized canine family member bored, or lonely when you are at work? Is your puppy house broken and too cold for him to stay outside all day in Winter? Does your puppy need that special attention that only you can give, but I will give??? Do you need someone who will love and care for your puppy while away on vacation? If you said yes to one or all of these questions, your puppy needs daycare! There is just something about capturing the personality of our canine and feline friends. They are true to themselves and only offer you what you give back to them. Show your pet how much you cherish them for the loyalty and unconditional love they've shown you. Location and large professional studio portraiture for your pet. ****Safe, nutritious and yummy Dog Treats made on site available for purchase.**** Made with natural ingredients, no fillers, or harmful additives. Only ingredients that dogs can have and are not harmful. Let us know if your puppy has any food allergies.

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